Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Absent Minded Me

Today is laundry day so I separate my clothes into my three loads and get to washing. Whites are in the dryer drying so I start on the darks. Normally while the washer is filling with water and after I've put in the soap I proceed to put in the clothes. Why I didn't this time is beyond me, I went to do something else instead. I notice the washer is going and go check and see that it's full of suds and lid is still open so I close it so I can proceed with the washing. The whites are still drying and I hear that the washer is done so I figure I'll take those out so I can start on my last load as I walk over to the washer I notice that the darks are still sitting on the floor near the washer. Yup, you got it, I never put the clothes in the washer. Figures...looks like I need to learn how to pay attention to what I'm doing. Too many things going on at once. Must got back and finish the laundry.

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