Monday, July 21, 2014

i ran another "5K" and other things - a list

Saturday I ran the ColorFoam "5K". I finished it in a little over 45 minutes. I ran most of it and am pretty proud of myself. I say "5K" because when I logged into RunKeeper it only comes up as 2.8 miles. Right as the run started I met someone else who was also running by herself. We didn't run together but I saw her again at the end and chatted a bit. I made a running friend. While I was running there were a couple of groups I kept my eye on as motivation. If they got past me I'd speed up and make sure I was in the lead again. My white shirt stayed pretty white up until the finish line when I got sprayed right in the mouth with a water cannon. I walked right under the foam machines, but it didn't stick.

Saturday night I went to my "sister's" surprise birthday party/open mic night. As the night progressed I got more and more tired and started to doze off while people were performing. I'm not ashamed to fall asleep in public. It happens.

Yesterday I finished my second Staple Dress using Cotton + Steel fabric. I love this fabric so much. It's nice and soft and had a good weight. This dress will transition to fall/winter nicely. Just pair it with a cardigan and some tights and it'll be good to go. My favorite part is the berry facings and pockets. When I started assembling it I made the same mistake I made when I made my first staple dress. Thankfully it was an easy fix and I made sure to make a big note in the instructions for next time. Hopefully I remember.

Sunday was also National Ice Cream Day.  I took a break from making my dress and Tiarress and I motored up to Graeter's to grab some ice cream. We were pleasantly surprised when we were ordering. The ice cream was discounted to $1.44/scoop. Normally it's $5.00 for two scoops. Yay! We also stopped at a friend's BBQ. Pretty good way to spend Sunday.

About a month ago I finished the first quilt for 100 Quilts, 100 Kids. I'm in the process of quilting up the second quilt. I can't decide how to quilt it though.

I've also started listing things on etsy again. I want to have 100 sales under my belt by the end of summer. Currently you can find zipper wallets and a quilt in my shop. I'll start listing crochet goods towards the end of summer. Part of the proceeds go towards 100 Quilts, 100 Kids.

Work is work. My boss is on vacation and she used Megabus for the first time and is also using Uber for the first time so I've been getting calls and texts about that. It makes me laugh.

Slowly, slowly selling off old stuff. I'd trash a lot of it, but I could use the money so I can move. I don't plan to take most of my furniture. I found a lot of furniture I want on the IKEA website for a good deal. Right now it looks like I might be moving into a studio so I really do need to get rid of a lot of the stuff I have.

So what's been up with you?
reading - The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
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Monday, July 7, 2014

dear universe - i want to open a fabric shop

The other day I posted the above question on facebook. I was curious to find out what my friends dreams were and what it would take for them to drop what they were doing to pursue them. At first most of the answers were pretty vague and then after a little more questioning people opened up.

The interesting thing about finding out what people dream of doing is that thinking about what I know about these people compared to what they dream of doing, I see that for most of them their dreams are just that...dreams. It's something they've tucked away and maybe think about occasionally, but aren't pursuing them in any manner.

But, there were one or two who are putting in work towards making their dreams come true and that's encouraging and inspiring. And I think it's good to have people in your life who are pursuing their dreams. It gives you the energy to do the same.

My magic number to drop everything is about $100K. Enough to pay off my student loans, live comfortably for a year (bills paid on time, food to eat, etc.), start my business, buy a car (because getting work done is much easier with a car than it is riding the bus everywhere) and maybe go on a vacation so I can start refreshed and inspired. I'd settle for about $5K though to get my business started.

The business? A fabric shop

Working for myself crafting has always been my end goal, but I've wanted to open up a little fabric shop for a while...the urge to do it sooner rather than later has become much greater with my new found love of simple clothing construction and all the beautiful quilting possibilities.

Then Cotton + Steel happened. First their video about how fabric is manufactured (this video is great. I love seeing how things are made/work) and then their spring collection preview. Fabriclust in full effect.

It ignited something in me. I want to be able to share fabric with others. Sure there are tons of other fabric slingers out there, but I want to be different.

I've already started working on my business plan and been keeping a list of ideas of how I want to run things and what not. I've also done a little bit of research of how much I'll need to get started and what things I'll need. I'd eventually like to turn an online shop into a B+M shop. Where, I'm not sure.

How can you not fall in love with fabric and all it's possibilities?

C+S Spring Collection Preview from Gregory Miller Pictures on Vimeo

I think finding funds is going to be the hardest part. (I'm easily distracted by pretty things - currently wanting the new HK Vans). But I will slowly be putting money away to pursue this dream. I'm also asking the the Universe for help...maybe a nice lottery win and/or some big successes in the making crafty things and selling them. (It's the beginning of summer, but it's almost time to think about the holidays.)

What would it take to drop what you're doing and start pursuing your dreams?

reading - Success through Stillness by Russell Simmons
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

when september comes...

Last night as I was trying to motivate myself to get up and take a shower so I could go to bed, I heard two loud bangs down the hall from my apartment. I thought it was gun shots, but told myself was probably just someone trying to kick in a door. I then placed my desk chair in front of my door as I have been doing lately and made sure all my locks were locked.

A few minutes ago I was listening to the news and heard the newscasters say shot and 33rd and Meridian. That's where I live...33rd and Meridian. I didn't quite hear what was said before that so I got online and did a little bit of searching and found this tweet (1 male in his 20's shot in the back while being accosted at 3330 N. Meridian St. IMPD investigating).

I want to move. NOW! My lease isn't up until September. I've been looking for a new place to live for awhile and know exactly where I want to live. Even though I don't have much of my stuff packed and ready to go, I would up and leave now if I could.

That's another incident way too close to home (two summers ago my neighbor down the hall was stabbed to death in his apartment). There are cops at my building all the time from what my friends who drive by tell me and my neighbor who lives in another building next door. I know that these types of things can happen anywhere. (A teen was murdered just this Sunday in one of the safest places.) But It's just too much for me, here.

I do my best to be safe when I'm at home or I'm coming and going. I don't EVER open the door to anyone I don't know (I get a lot of people knocking because they have the wrong apartment) and I only go on my runs when it's light out. I also put it out into the universe that I am safe from violence and that I am protected by the universe. I feel like it helps.

Still though, I'm ready to move.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

summer solstice 14.0 - a wish list

A day late, but better late than never. Mother Nature has been fucking with us again. The beginning of spring it was snow flurries and cold temps and then we skipped right over to summer. It's been in the 80's for awhile now, so it might be officially summer, but the temps say it's been summer for weeks. WEEKS. I try not to complain, but anything above 75 is hot and I'm not really a fan. I'm already, ready for fall. And to think, I decided to run a 5K in the middle of July. How smart am I?

Anywho...let's get on with these wishes and intentions:

have all my bills paid on time
donate time or anything I can to help others
state bicycle co. - shoreline bicycle
weight lost, endurance gained
new 1 bedroom apartment
watch loads of money flow into my bank account from sales
try 10 new foods
new job with a higher income
sell 5 - 10 baby quilts
have my trip to LA for HelloKittyCon funded
have my new apartment furnished
meet ellen degeneres
spend more time with friends
sell tons of buttons and zipper wallets
catch up of my reading

I didn't get much accomplished from my spring wish list. No excuses. I actually forgot what was on my list until yesterday when I went back to look at it. That means I need to print it out and post it on my board so I can look at it every day. I'd like all my wishes to come true this summer. I've got a lot of work to do. Yesterday I finally found the Samanco ice cream fish, so that's my first of trying 10 new foods. It was delicious.

What are your wishes for summer?
Leave a short list of your wishes in a comment down below.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

take me away to sunny LA - a list

pineapple basil nicey treat

  • Last week I found out that the first ever HelloKittyCon will be held in LA this year October 30 to November 2. That's just 4 days after my birthday. When I found out I thought I was going to lose my shit. I have to go. And I think it'd be the most awesome way to spend my birthday. Hello Kitty will be turning 40 and I'll be turning 35. We should celebrate together don't you think? I'd also get to see my girl, Rima. Unless she's on another one of her world adventures.
  • The tendonitis in my right arm has returned. This time on the right side of my wrist. It is of course my dominate arm. It makes doing a lot of things difficult, even super simple things like typing. I need to get a brace. Also, sunburn. I've got it bad. Saturday was a fun filled day spent outside NOT wearing sunscreen. I should know better, but it happens. It looks like I'm wearing a skin colored wrestling unitard. Lovely.
  • I've finally gotten around to selling a bunch of my craft stuff. I finally decided that photos taken with my phone would be fine and I took pictures of a ton of my stamping supplies and uploaded them to Two Peas in a Bucket to sell. I've sold quite a bit, but there's still a whole container to get through. I just want it all gone so I can pay some bills and move on. I also started a garage sale group on facebook to sell off other things. It's slow going since it's a small group.
  • Work is work. The kids are out of school now so we're getting a bit busier. I definitely appreciate my days off a lot more. 
  • I quit the gym a couple of weeks ago. I go walking at least 3 times a week. It's much easier for me to do and it's free. Also with the tendonitis in my arm it was hard to lift weights comfortably.
  • On the way to work last Saturday, I was standing at the bus stop and said to myself that I was going to either find $20, a gift card that would be useful to me or that someone was going to give me a gift card that would be useful to me. Then as I was walking into work I happened to look down and found a $20 bill on the ground. I love the way the Universe works. It was very much a needed win and a reminder to put my thoughts out there and believe that they will happen.
  • Quilts are coming along. I need a whole bolt of white fabric. I've got bits of white from different companies, but not all white fabric is created equal. There are a lot of new fabrics coming out the summer that I'd love to have. I've got a lot of wants/needs right now. I need to get some stuff made and sold.
  • I enjoyed a lot of good food this past weekend. A crabby patty, a kimchi taco, a BLT with mozzarella and avocado, a goat cheese and roasted bell peppers on foccacia, mango hibiscus sorbet, a pineapple basil popsicle, a not so hot chocolate popsicle.  I want more of all of it.

current want:

reading - Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia
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Monday, May 19, 2014

12 things - sew a dress from the staple dress pattern

I just happened to look up above my desk at my metal board and started reading through all my sticky notes and realized that I completed yet another thing on my list of 12 things. Yay for progress.

I made a dress from my staple dress pattern. It was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. I wore it on Saturday to hang out with a friend. My favorite parts are the pockets and the neck and arm facings that I did with a contrasting fabric just for fun. I've already ordered some more fabric to make my next staple dress. I can't wait. I want to make another 4 or 5 of them.

Garment sewing isn't too hard. I spent probably 6 hours on the computer over a couple of days looking at more patterns to try. A few more dresses and a couple of tops. The only things I'm missing are fabric and thread.

  • read 75 books - 21 down 54 to go, more if you count short stories
  • make at least 20 quilts - 2 quilts complete, a couple more in process and a bunch of tops waiting for batting.
  • simplify my apartment (purge, sell trash) - started listing stuff to sell online in various places. it's not an easy feat.
I can't believe we're already half way through May.
  1. create a vision board for 2014
  2. read 75 books
  3. make at least 20 quilts
  4. have my business prepared for the holidays
  5. friend friday
  6. stock my online shops and promote my business more
  7. sew a dress from the staple dress pattern
  8. travel to somewhere I haven't traveled before
  9. get back under 200 lbs
  10. simplify my apartment (purge, sell, trash)
  11. apply to Yelp! Bazaar and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange (holiday edition)
  12. make at least 3 deposits into my Roth IRA
  13. complete my capsule wardrobe
reading - Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

how is that possible - a list

  • Mother's Day is coming. I've been procrastinating with the card making and the promoting of Mother's Day cards. Forever a procrastinator. In the end I get things done, but it'd be less stressful if I just did things ahead of time. One day I'll learn.
  • I changed my mind on the fabric I want to use to make a dress from the Staple Dress pattern I have and told myself that I have to sell enough cards to cover the cost of fabric so I need to go ahead and get on the making and selling of cards. (Need a card? Let me know. *wink, wink*)
  • I just realized that as of April 8th, I've been single for 15 years. Seems weird that's it's been that long. Then again it's hard to believe I've been out of college almost 10 years and out of high school for almost 17. Where did all the time go?
  • This week and last I've only had to work two days each week. You'd think I'd be getting lots of stuff done, but not so much. I pretty much feel like a bum. I have to do better.
  • Do you have lyft (click the link to get your first ride free) in your area? I've been testing it out this past couple of weeks. I love it. I'll be writing a review about it later. It really is like having a friend with a car.We also have some attractive drivers in my area.
  • As I expected, I won't be getting my refund from the state. Purdue snatched it up since I still owe them. I'm bummed because that money would've gone towards my Disney trip and new car, but I knew that is was probably going to happen.
  • The weather here has finally gotten more spring like. Last week we had snow. I won't be surprised if it decides to snow again in the middle of May or June. Mother Nature does whatever the fuck she wants to. She doesn't care about your plans.
  • I get my new sewing machine soon. I'm super duper excited. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube so that I know how to thread it and what not. It's different from my current machine. I have so many things I want to make. Quilts, a couple of dresses, a duffle bag, a maxi skirt, a tulle skirt, pillowcases and more. I'll be sewing up a storm. Be prepared to be flooded with crafty photos.
  • To procrastinate more I think I'm going to make some vanilla cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting or maybe some Nutella buttercream frosting. Anything to avoid doing what I should be doing.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Ward...ugh. That's all I have to say about that. I still need to see Captain America. I keep saying I'm going to go. 
  • Nothing else really to update on. I haven't really been doing anything terribly exciting.

reading - Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

12 things - create a vision board for 2014

Here it is the middle of April and I'm just now completing/working on my vision board for this year. Procrastinator much? The truth is I'd started it on the metal boards I have above my desk, but it was difficult to complete because I don't buy magazines and printing out pictures on a black and white printer just wasn't going to cut it. I needed another way to get my vision board started.

I ended up turning to Pinterest. I mean, it's basically one big vision board already isn't it? When I come along something that fits with the things I want this year I pin it to my Vision Board 2014. Little or small I pin it. It could be something small I want like a new pair of shoes or an inspirational quote that I want to strive for. It's my conversation with the Universe for my plans this year.
  • read 75 books - 20 down 55 to go, more if you count short stories
  • make at least 20 quilts - I've completed 8 quilt TOPS, but no completed quilts yet
  • simplify my apartment (purge, sell trash) - I've gotten a lot of stuff thrown away, now I need to work on selling some stuff. I've also simplified my bedroom by taking about everything but the bed and end table. it's getting there
There's still a lot of work to be done. Less than 7 months to go. The reading should come along nicely, it's some of the other goals I need to put some more work into. The vision board while marked off as complete really is a work in progress and always will be, but I'm still calling it a win as complete. Ha!
  1. create a vision board for 2014
  2. read 75 books
  3. make at least 20 quilts
  4. have my business prepared for the holidays
  5. friend friday
  6. stock my online shops and promote my business more
  7. sew a dress from the staple dress pattern
  8. travel to somewhere I haven't traveled before
  9. get back under 200 lbs
  10. simplify my apartment (purge, sell, trash)
  11. apply to Yelp! Bazaar and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange (holiday edition)
  12. make at least 3 deposits into my Roth IRA
  13. complete my capsule wardrobe

reading - Electrified Sheep by Alex Boese
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Monday, April 7, 2014

"God loves you, but I don't." and other things

  • And that is just one of my neighbors ladies and gentlemen. This is by far the best message I've seen on this man's door. They are usually along the lines of do not knock on my door. He also posts Happy [insert current holiday here]! So he's not a complete grump.
  • I've slowly started to unpack my apartment again and have gotten back into sewing. I finished another quilt top for #100quilts100kids AND I finally decided on how I wanted to label the quilts and ordered the labels. Yay! I'm still working on funding more quilts. If you're feeling generous, click the hashtag.
  • March 30th marked 3 years at my current job (only 2 of us from the original 15 are still around). I think that is the longest I've ever worked at one place. That's a long time to work a retail job. I treated myself to a big LEGO set, The Simpsons House. I completed it Saturday night. It took me about 6 hours to complete. I don't really have any place to put it. I should've thought about that before I started putting it together.
  • A year ago I was in California meeting up with Rima, Evani and Gabby, celebrating Rima's birthday with her and going to Disneyland for the first time. This trip needs to happen again. I'm already thinking about the sushi, ramen, walking on the beach, riding the rides and all that other good stuff.
  • Not only does that trip need to happen, but I think I want to buy a car. Finally. I've been looking into ways to save money and I think I've settled on opening a SmartyPig account. I have a savings account, but I find that it's super easy for me to transfer money back into my checking account whenever I want. *whispers* If you're thinking about saving up for a trip or something and decide to use SmartyPig, let me know so I can send you a referral code. 
  • I think that a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon would taste delicious on a fresh waffle. I have to make this happen some how. This week. I might settle for a packaged waffle, but not the frozen kind.
  • Procrastination is real in these streets. I still haven't done my taxes yet. I started them, but I haven't finished them up yet. I have no excuse. I could use the money to pay off some bills and replace some things AND start saving up for my trip and a car. But it's not really enough motivation.
  • I was totally disappointed with the How I Met Your Mother finale. Very uncharacteristic actions of the characters. When the commercials come on for the syndicated episodes I get a little upset because it makes me think about the finale. I'm also starting to lose interest in Scandal. Fitz is a blamer and pretty much everything he says makes me want to wipe boogers on his face. I also don't understand everyone's hatred for Quinn. *shrugs*
  • "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you"
  • The Universe and I need to have a sit down. I also think I might need to reread The Secret and The Alchemist.
  • I also need to get to work on these 12 things for 2014. I mean, it is already April. Another example of how much of a procrastinator I am.
  • A huge Happy Birthday to Rima of Bolu by Rima, Lesley of Yessiree Petunia and Cool Hand Lex (who doesn't have a blog that I know of)! I know a lot of people who share the same birthday.

reading - Wise Acres: The Seventh Circle of Heck by Dale Basye
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Friday, March 21, 2014

spring equinox 14.0 - a wish list

While today may mark the first day of spring here in Indiana, mother nature is laughing in our faces. She's got some snow flurries planned for us next week. I'm probably one of the few people who is okay with that. I've come to terms with her crazy uncontrollable ways and just go with the flow. I'm curious what that means for what summer will be like here. I need to go ahead and get my supplies together so I can make an air conditioner so I'm prepared.

road trip with someone special
new tv and Chromecast
less stuff (purge, sell, trash)
meet ellen degeneres
a bicycle
spend more time with friends
monon walks and picnics
new business opportunities
a first date
weight lost, muscle gained
more money earned, more money saved
more business successes
put a big dent in completing my capsule wardrobe

Even though spring represents new beginnings, I kept a lot of my wishes the same from the winter. They're all things I still want to continue to work on and hopefully I get them accomplished this go around. The winter was tough and I think my work suffered because I was a bit down from all the gloom and doom outside my window. It happens.

Wanna know how I did on my winter list? Check it out here - winter wish list. I wasn't very productive.

What are your wishes for spring?
Leave a short list of your wishes in a comment down below.

reading - Cress by Marissa Meyer
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