Tuesday, September 23, 2014

autumn equinox 14.0 - a wish list

One of my favorite seasons is finally here and it's not because of pumpkin everything. It's because I love the cooler in between weather and my birthday is in the fall. It's time for hot tea and cocoa and cardigans and jeans. Yay for fall!

Anywho...let's get on with these wishes and intentions:

loft style 1 bedroom apartment at Englewood Lofts for less than $400/month
furniture from IKEA - klippan couch, rast drawers, lack desk and tv stand, kallax storage
reach 100 sales on etsy by the end of October
watch loads of money flow into my bank account from sales
meet ellen degeneres
sell all the quilts and zipper wallets that I make
catch up of my reading
black iPad mini with logitech keyboard
red FIAT 500
peace & happiness
a fun and exciting birthday celebration
time well spent with friends
have all my bills paid on time
donate time or anything I can to help others
state bicycle co. - shoreline bicycle
hot cocoa and taco dates

I completed half a task on my summer wish list. I spent a lot of time looking at my list and not getting much of it accomplished. I did try though. I did apply for a new job and a new apartment. I did some reading and ate some food, but I didn't complete anything enough that I could cross those items off my list. The fall will be busy. A holiday craft fair, my birthday and moving. Woo! I still hope to get some things crossed off my list though.

What are your wishes for fall?
Leave a short list of your wishes in a comment down below.

reading - Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone
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