Thursday, December 22, 2005

To the Gentleman in Seat 14B

...finish hacking up the phlegm and spit it into the barf bag already.  The noise you make every 5-10 minutes is utterly disgusting and makes me want to hurl.  I also fear that during mid hack you are going to sneeze and the phlegm will end up in my hair.  I understand that you may be a little sick, but you are on a small cramped plane, please, please think of the others around you.

Completely Disgusted,
The Passenger in Seat 13B


Honey, I'm home...and I'm in love...with Denver.

I had an awesome little vacation in Denver.  I love, love, love it and want to move there.  I love it.  The mountains are beautiful.  The air is fresh and pure.  The weather was great.  The people, the music, the art, the area, I love it all.  I could see me living there and being happy.  I spoke to DW after arriving home and he even noticed the happiness in my voice.

It was good to see and hang out with my friend AS and her family.  It was good to be around people who truely care about you.  It felt very homey, more like home than my own.  And it was nice that I didn't have to do much but chill out and relax.

I had much fun.  Let's see...we had gelato (3 times)...I love gelato...back in Germany there is a shop right next door that I would always go to.  It was so good and reminded me of Germany.  We went to church...but not old Catholic church that was turned into a club.  Great sound inside...I got sick the first time I went...not sure why but possibly because of the hookah we smoked's been a good while since I smoked a hooka.  We went to another club called Vinyl and saw free porn.  LOL...basically a drunk girl and a guy making out that got a little wild until security told them to stop.  I won't go into details.  We went shopping, but I didn't spend much.  We went to see Syriana.  Good movie, great movie.  We went to Coyote Ugly Saloon and had a drink.  It was early on a Sunday so not too many people there, which was fine by me.  Very friendly bartenders, I like that.  And lots of sitting around the house hanging out.

No, I didn't get to go snowboarding.  Not this time at least.

I didn't get very many pictures.  I know, I know...what's up with that.  My deepest apologies.

Oh...we also made a pit stop at Buckley Air Base.  Boy do I love a man in uniform.  Just another reason to move out there.  Mmm...soldiers.

That's about it...lots of fun, lots of relaxin.

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