Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"It's time to wash my balls."

Dude said, "It was good to hear your voice," on the phone last night. We had dinner like a week ago and talked yesterday.
That sounds like some, "I like you," business.
Dude we ain't nothing but friends.
Mmmmm...Common and Bilal...yes please can I have some more.
Today is the day...to crawl back in bed and sleep all day for no reason at all and occasionally open my eyes to watch the visualizations on iTunes.
"It's time to wash my balls."
That was a good ass nap. Weird dream, but good ass nap.
I made out with a thin lipped white boy...in my dream.
*shakes head* Weird.
Holy shit, two calls in one day.
I need a pastery.
Today is the day...to finish doing laundry, finish making those cards and not lay in bed all day.
I get the weekend off and I don't do shit but lay in bed all day.
I don't even watch TV...just play on the internets and lay in bed.
I get side tracked so easy. I get up to close the lid on the washer and end up cleaning out the drawers in the bathroom. At least now it's done for the most part.
Note to self: Find new way to cut onions.
My eyes cannot handle the fumes(?) from chopping onions. It's so bad that first my eyes start to twitch, then they start to water and lastly the shut completely until I'm away from the darned things and have had time to relax.
One day I'm gonna cut off a finger.
Meatloaf was good, but I didn't add enough eggs and it crumbled.
Extreme Makeover Home Edition always makes me cry. I think I need to stop watching it.
I wanna go to the game on Sunday.
What ever happened to heavy petting and making out? Does anyone still do that?
Spoketh with Mr. Holmes today. Another one heading out to live in ATL.
It was good to hear that what kept him away from the phone for so long wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Drama.
I swear I meet the most interesting people online.
Happy Birthday Mr. Holmes...now take your pancake pillow out to the couch so I can sleep.
Today is the day...to go back to work after a nice three day weekend where I got nothing accomplished.
Playful IM harassment first thing in the morning from him...makes me smile.
Good way to start the day.
Dude, just because YOU don't work today because of the holiday doesn't mean I dont.
It's cold outside and dude decided he was going to sit right on the sidewalk while we were waiting for the bus. Something only a pale-skinned would do.
"...Some kind of therapy...Is all I need...Please believe me...Some instant remedy...That can cure me completely..."
Must print out some business cards and remember to carry them with me.
Mmmmm...sammich and croissant.
I'm fighting sleep again.
I really should just give in and go to sleep.
So much shit to do though...not that it'll get done...but still.
My days are so freakin' boring.
I need to get off this detour and head back in the right direction.

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