Monday, January 29, 2007

A jumbled short list.

  1. Another HHSer has found me on MySpace...she recognized me because I look JUST like I did in HS.
  2. "Hello this is Gladys and if you're sellin' something then I ain't interested."
  3. "Listen I'll be honest with ya. I love Jesus, but I drink a lil."
  4. I got 23 today. As in I look like I'm only 23. I appreciate that. Not that I'm old or anything, but still appreciate it.
  5. I got that natural beauty. No need for make up. I get that a lot. It's weird to me.
  6. "...And I'd give anything...And everything...To fall in love...Just this one time...I'd like to find...What I've been dreaming of...Well I could find someone to hold me...But that wouldn't be enough...But I'd give anything...To fall in love..."
  7. I'm dealing with my ugly. It doesn't matter how many men give me the up down or wink or tell me that I'm beautiful. It doesn't matter how many of my friends and coworkers tell me I'm attractive or perfect. I still can't handle it. I'm still not used to it. I still don't always believe it. I don't think I'm hideous, but I don't see the beauty everyone else sees. Sometimes I still see the nerdy girl with big glasses and braces. Skinny and awkward. I see scars and uneven skin tone and fuzz.
  8. A married man who was sitting next to his wife kept trying to buy me a drink last night. I find that hilarious that he was so bold. Maybe they were looking for a third party because he also mentioned something about a cab ride if my friend and I needed one.
  9. That was one of the first time a man has offered to buy me a drink that WASN'T a friend of mine. It was a little weird.
  10. Mmmmm...sandwich from Panera.
  11. Tried Indian food today. Not too bad. Spicy. Doesn't taste good when you burp it up, especially when you chase it with hot cocoa made with milk.
  12. That accent is so...
  13. I need people to brush their teeth and not smell like stinky cheese and unwashed booty when they come into my store.
  14. I also need my neighbor to knock that noise off.
  15. I've never been in love and have only been in one relationship. Is there something wrong with me?
  16. I love fresh sheets. I can't wait to get to sleep tonight.

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