Thursday, February 28, 2008

Put Her in the Box

I meant to post about this a month ago when it happened, but procrastination amongst other things was being my best friend.

I have not taken up residence in the friend box.

It started off as a casual conversation and then McDishes casually dropped the bomb that we had just entered into a new chapter of our friendship. *deep heavy sigh* I wasn't too surprised, just a little hurt. I knew it was bound to come to and end eventually. I just didn't think it would've happened so soon. It was for the better.

Okay, so probably more than just a little hurt. I cried. I tried to hold it in and be strong, but I cried. I really liked McDishes. He isn't the sexiest man alive, but damn sexy to me. He's kind and considerate and driven and possesses a lot of good qualities that a good man possesses. It hurt me to face reality and know that I was losing the intimacy that we shared, even though it wasn't much. I'll miss it.

We continued our conversation and I made a couple of innuendo's and was told under the new terms of our friendship I was no longer to say such things. Boo, talk about taking the fun out of all it. (Funny thing is about a couple weeks later he dropped a casual innuendo and I had to set him straight. Homie don't play that.) I could tell through our conversation that even though I lost something, I gained something too. A wonderful and caring friend. And I'm thankful for that.

I saw him a few days after our conversation and it was hard. I could barely speak to him. Less than a week later I was over it. I was crushing on someone else.

As long as we have our friendship and I still have someone to call when I need to talk and a hug waiting for me when I see him, I'm good. I will still occasionally wish things could be different, but will always know that this was for the better.

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