Friday, May 16, 2008 your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro...

If you've ever met me or have seen pictures of me then you know that I have big cha chas/taters/fun bags/boobs whatever your term for breasties may be.  They're a pain some days, but I love them.  They're my girls.

Anywho, I've been trained to measure women for over the shoulder boulder holders and a lot of ladies come into our store wearing the wrong bra and tell us that the little misses at Victoria's not so Secret told them they were some size that is grossly incorrect in order to get them to buy their overpriced braziers.

Where was I going with this?  Oh yes...well my coworkers and I like to stop through the shop to see how they do their measuring and see what ridiculous size they will measure us at, because you see, most of my coworkers are larger than DDD's.  And VnsS only goes up to a DD.  Our first go around my Second in Command was measured in at a mere 40 D...way off, she's a 42 H.  The little miss seemed to have trouble measuring her as if she was calculating in her head how to for the lie she was about to tell my SiC.  We guffawed at her mismeasurement and let her know how wrong she was.  She was not happy.  At this point I couldn't allow myself to be measured.  Little miss didn't even offer any other place for SiC to find a bra that would fit her.  

You see, if we have a women who comes in and we can't help, we send her to the few stores we believe can help.  We do our best to make sure that those women find a bra that's going to fit them.  Why?  Because your boobies shouldn't be hanging down to your belly button and clothes fit much better when the girls are up where they should be and most women feel like new women when they've got a good bra on.

A week or so later I decided I wanted to find out what the VnsS minions were going to tell me when I asked to be measured.  I got a new girl, but she was being supervised by someone and measured me at a mere 38 D.  No bueno.  I'm really between a 36 J and K.  I got some huge ta tas.  BUT...newbie was on it and suggested I try my store (she didn't know I worked there) and a couple of department stores that specialize in the large sizes.  She got mucho points for that and my hatred for VnsS was lessened.  

I still think they've got some work to do though.  I understand they want to make a sale, but come's more than just making the sale.  It's about getting these women in to the correct bra that will work for them.

Now all you ladies out there go get measured...because I bet some of you are wearing the wrong size bra...just don't go to VnsS.

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