Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Love: A List

It's a new season, which means it's time for a new list of wishes. If you put it out there and put out the effort, it comes back to you. I believe it. 

  • love and affection
  • someone special to enjoy summer activities with
  • someone special to just enjoy chillin' with
  • day or two to just be
  • authentic pair of Dr. Feelgood Dunks in a 6.5 (MENS)
  • kick ass skateboard (possibly a long board)
  • lots of naughty wink wink nudge nudge
  • place to call home
  • MY driver's license
  • warm summer nights at Front Page, Urban Element, Coaches, Tip Top Tavern, etc. spent with friends
  • meeting new people, good people
  • big, fat check in the mail where the only stipulation is that I have to spend it on ME
  • inexpensive car the runs well
  • vacation out of state (road trip)
  • long bear hugs and cheek kisses
  • loads of love and affection
  • long girly dresses
  • lunch with Les in Broadripple 
  • encouragement
  • sexy heels
  • acceptance
  • met needs
  • new clients
  • have ANOTHER print bought
  • positive thoughts and positive actions
  • new new job
  • more hours at current jobs
  • consistency
  • thoughtful words, messages, talks, text messages
  • happiness and success for those around me (my people are doing it big)
  • lunch dates, dinner dates, breakfast dates
  • monthly pedicure
  • relaxing back massage and scratch
  • new ink
  • kissing in the rain, kissing on the couch, kissing in the sun, kissing in the car, kissing in the bed, sneaking kisses, soft kisses, cheek kisses, friendly kisses, nose kisses, neck kisses, not so wet kisses
  • happy surprises
  • time well spent on me
  • lots of laughing, lots of smiling
  • slimmer figure
  • nice even tan
  • support for the decisions I make
  • good advice
  • good health for me and those around me
  • an ear to listen
  • movie nights with friends


Superstar said...

I love the kissing...then again, who doesn't!!!

I say make your new heels Red shoes. Everyone needs Red High heel shoes!

That Girl said...

@ superstar - Kissing is mucho fun. I miss the art of making out. And I think I just may have to make that pair of cute heels red. Red and sexy.