Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kind of Reflecting on 2008

Earlier this month I originally wanted to reflect on last year and now that I think about it, it's for the better that I don't. It's not like it was a horribly awful year or anything, but a lot happened that I don't want to rehash, but I suppose I will reflect on the good times though:

I FINALLY learned to drive and got my driver's license.
Someone bought a print from me.
I spent a lot of time with friends and had a great time.
I got to know some friends better.
I started to let down my guard and let people into my space.
I moved into my own place.
I realized my dopeness.
I got to a point where I had a some extra dough to buy sneakers. Oh sweet sneakers.
Other people realized my dopeness.
I took more pictures.
I lost some weight.

I hope to accomplish a lot more this year. It might be slow going, but it's going to get done.

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