Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuff I Like

In no particular order:

These are dope. And unfortunately I think I've disqualified myself from winning a pair. That's right, you can win these. Just take your ass to see Coraline before March 1st and stay to watch the credits for the passcode. Heck just go see the movie, it's awesome.

I'm a tee-shirt junkie and I'm sure you've seen me wearing some bizarre shirts and normally I don't like to share where I get them, but I will. - Tee today, gone tomorrow. User designed tees are listed for one day for $9 and then they're never printed again...well at least not via tee fury. - Another site with limited edition tees. - More great tees.

I like quirky things and handmade things and things that not everyone has. I also like to support artists. - Of course I have my own little shop too:

I don't blog as much as I used to and a lot of others have seem to have dropped out of the blogging world too...but we seem to all have picked up on Twitter. The new place to spy, the new place to rant and you can do it on the go.

Warm and toasty and you don't even have to kill a polar bear. Real fur jackets are yuck...and men really shouldn't wear them...but them seem not to have gotten the memo.

Available at:

Okay so I don't know how to skateboard, but I want to learn. And if I never do I still think this is a dope idea. One day I'm gonna have my own house and these will be there even if they end up only being an art piece.

Because everyone should have a mustache pencil.

Okay, maybe not something I particularly like, but I think the series is cool and definitely makes you think twice about what you eat. for the rest of the photo series.

I love tattoos and am currently saving up for my next one. (I still don't understand why people are surprised to find out that I have a few.) I love connect the dots and this is a pretty clever idea...but what would YOU get?

Click here to see what dots connect to be:

Free shit. I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate free stuff. Movie codes, coupons, magazines subscriptions and more.


Frugal Freebies and Deals said...

your post on FF and D made me laugh- thanks for the shout out.


Superstar said...

I know that feeling.

Love the list girl!