Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall List and a Birthday Wish List

I decided this year that since my birthday is in the fall that I mine as well just combine my fall list with my birthday wish list, especially since this year I don't really want much for my birthday (all I really want is new ink and an iPod Touch). Oh and some cupcakes. we go fall list and birthday wish list in one.

  • new ink (right forearm, "Sono il suo schiavo." I'm thinking a nice ribbony script.
  • 32 GB iPod Touch
  • cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake preferably the Red Velvet Elvis, Koo Koo for Coconuts and the chocolate with the coconut frosting German chocolate I believe.
  • 574 Grey Suede New Balance Boys sz 7
  • hugs and laughs
  • oodles of soft, kushy yarn for cowls and scarves and hats and maybe blankets
  • corduroy TOMS, saffron maybe or the orchid
  • long cardigans and hoodies
  • Black Sepharim Wings 0g
  • support and encouragement
  • new job that pays well and gives me the time to pursue other avenues
  • time well spent with friends
  • day trip to Chicago BEFORE it gets too cold
  • more happiness
  • lots of etsy sales and custom orders
  • skateboard
  • win the lottery (more than $20, preferably somewhere in the thousands range)
  • patience while I figure out what I'm doing
  • peace, happiness and rest for myself and all that surround me
  • lose 20 lbs before winter hits
Not a long list. Totally attainable I think.

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