Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haaaaave you met my friend Keiko?

It was nice to finally have a three day weekend after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It's actually slowed down quite a bit at work. A little to slow some days.

Saturday I spent the holiday cheer my dad sent me and got this new beauty. Meet Keiko. Now Stella won't be so lonely. It's a nice balance.

I told myself this would be the last thing I spend money on something that I WANTED. It's time to start taking care of my needs. And there are plenty.

First off is a new computer tower. My baby is dying and she has served me well. I think I may stick with Dell. I'd love to get a Mac, but that's not in the budget this year.

After a tower I really need some new bras and a desk chair. NEED.

It'll be hard. I can give up chocolate or sex or soda, but its hard for me to give up shopping. Not that I shop a lot, but if I see something I like and it fits (which doesn't happen often) and it's a good deal, I can't resist. One of those things I really need to work on.

Maybe that'll be something I put on my list to try to accomplish. No want based shopping for a month.

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