Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl 46

The Super Bowl is here. I'm not really into football though. I understand it and I'll watch, but eh. The goings on downtown seem fun. I've dropped through a few times to check it all out, too many people. I was hoping to get to see a Jimmy Fallon taping. It'd be awesome to meet Questlove from The Roots.
I think there could be a riot if the Patriots win. It seems folks around here REALLY don't like the Patriots. I hope the city knows how to act if they win.
The weather has been nice. It's February and it's close to the 60's. CRAZY! But oh so lovely. No need for a jacket. I only hope that it stays this way the rest of the winter. I mean come on, we don't need that snow. Save it for some other time. Thanks.

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