Sunday, May 27, 2012

5AT: Oreo pie and that odd looking house

that...uh house in Broad Ripple

 five awesome things

  1. Little Black Bag - found this service via Klout. You can go back and read this post and see why I feel like it deserves a spot on 5AT.
  2. Oreo Pie - one of my favorite things to make and sooooo delicious. The recipe I use yields two pies, even though it says it makes one. Whenever I make this I make sure I have someone to pawn the other pie off on. I can't have two sitting in my fridge. It's bad business for my health. lol I shared the pies I made this week with friends at Coaches. They were pretty happy.
  3. coral shorts - I'm so glad I picked these shorts up from Old Navy when I was in Chicago in April. They are damn near perfect. Just the right length and I love the color. Now all I need to do is pick up a few more pair in other colors and I'll be set for the summer.
  4. flaccid peen house - This little house is the cutest even though it looks like an um...well you know. It sits right off of White River in Broad Ripple. I don't know what it's formally called. There were a bunch of paintings that accompanied it not too far away from where it's located.
  5. crock pots - Thank you jeebus to the person who invented the crock pot. Throw in some random ingredients and let them slow cook and bam! a delicious meal in a matter of hours. Perfect for when you have to pop out to run around town all day or want a warm meal when you get home from work and don't want to cook. Your house ends up smelling all yummy and delicious. I can usually smell what's cooking all the way down the hall way when I'm coming home. I bet I make my neighbors jealous. 
If five awesome things isn't enough for you today, head on over to my other blog and check out the pillow case I made this weekend. I think it's pretty awesome too.

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