Wednesday, May 2, 2012

winner, winner, chicken dinner

awwww yeah...look at that folks, you get TWO posts today. that's unheard of around these parts. okay I'll stop being a weirdo.

I just wanted to pop through and brag about winning the my girl thursday x nerdJERK giveaway. Check out that crafty awesome prize package and it's headed MY way. I can't wait. And while you're checking out the my girl thursday blog, why don't you pop over to the nerdJERK blog too, so much crafty goodness. I love the video game inspired amigurumi. When I got the email that I'd won, I was giddy. Who doesn't love winning schtuff. Sadly, I also forgot I'd entered the giveaway and not because I enter a lot of giveaways, but because I just have a bad memory sometimes. Yeah, it happens.

Here's a photo of the handsome Rasul that I took a few weeks ago. I'm getting back into the photography groove. This shoot was fun, we had to race the sun for some of the shots though because he got back from work later than expected. I think we're gonna schedule to shoot again in the next month or so. I love capturing a natural smile.

These right here are my work pants. When I was in the bathroom at work two weeks ago at the end of my shift, my zipper broke. These pants were less than a month old and unfortunately I couldn't find the receipt to take them back. So I did the next best thing and got out the Velcro and stapler...and unfortunately that wasn't the best solution. This Velcro really isn't meant for clothing and not strong enough. But for now I'm going with it. At work the fly is cover by my shirt and apron so I'm not too concerned with a permanent fixture right now. Also, I'm kind lazy.

This post was kinda random, I know. I'm like that sometimes. I'm gonna be a blamer for a bout 30 seconds and blame it on the Canadian geese that have taken up residence in the side yard of the building next door. Them suckers are always squawking at all hours of the morning right outside my window. No clue why they've decided to make that their current home. I wanna shoot them all and feed them to the homeless.

Alright, well have a good day!!!

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