Friday, September 21, 2012

5AT: tea time and powerful thoughts


I've been home all week and not really taking many pictures so this is a one picture post this week.

  1. making new things - looked at my old coach wallet and thought, I bet I can make one of these and I did. If you think it's cute, you can buy it and it's matching card holder here.
  2. tea time - with the cooler temps, it's now okay to drink a nice, hot cup of tea. mmmm, the perfect way to start my mornings.
  3. powerful thoughts - I had a thought earlier this week about wanting to sell some card holders and within 10 minutes the thought came to pass as someone made a purchase online from me. I love when the Universe works quickly.
  4. consignment deposits - I love when I check my inbox to find an email letting me know a consignment shop will be depositing funds into my account. it always feels like found money.
  5. PRODUCTIVE time off - I've had the last seven days off and I've spent most of it being productive making things for the shop and filling orders. not finished yet though.
I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk's H54F (high five for Friday).



Yen said...

A couch wallet huh? Just kidding! I know it's a typo, but still funny.
Just checking out your shop now and there's so many things I want already!

Lindsay said...

I love that wallet. I think it's cuter than the Coach one! Love it! And tea time is one of my favs!

Breonna said...

I love how you're always talking about speaking to the universe and getting responses. I need to get up on that.

Steff said...

Your wallet is WAY cuter than the Coach one! I'm not a big fan of Coach though, so maybe I'm biased, but I think not. Yay for 'found' money!