Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Would You Rather - Octobeard Edition

It's time for another round of Would You Rather? If you're new around these parts and are wondering how this got started head on over to my first Would You Rather post.

What would you rather be arrested for: indecent exposure or selling drugs? - Indecent exposure. Oops I flashed my boobs or maybe I got caught in the back seat of a car with my beaux having some fun. Ha! I'm thinking that's a smack on the hand compared to selling drugs. Also, I don't want to contribute to anyone's drug habit. No thank you. Hopefully when I'm arrested I've got all my clothes on.

Would you rather be: immortal or omnipotent? - Oh gosh, being able to live forever or able to do anything? That's kinda tough, but I'd have to go with omnipotent. I'm not sure I'd want to see where the world is going at this point. There's a lot of violence and madness going on and I'm not sure I want to be around to see it. Plus, what if I'm a bum. That would be no fun. And if I'm omnipotent I can DO anything. That means I can live longer if I WANT to. And if I decide I have had enough of this life I can pass on my power to someone else. That's a lot on one person's shoulders, but I can dig it.

You get caught shoplifting at a grocery store during peak business hours. Which reprimand would you prefer: your name and crime announced over the intercom or a night in jail? - Go ahead and embarrass the shit out of me real quick like and then let me be on my way. I can find another place to shop. If it's busy enough, most folks might not even notice what's going on and if they do, it'll be old news by the time they get home.

Which term of endearment would you rather be called: honeybucket or poodle? - Call me Ishmael. Go ahead and call me honeybucket. I like weird nicknames like that. Poodle is a dog. I don't want to be called a dog.

Who would you rather get a lap dance from: Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Shia Labeouf? - JGL!!! He's already got the practice in from his Magic Mike skit on SNL. I'm not sure what it is about him that I like. But yeah...come dance for me honeybucket.

Come play along with me if you like. Answers the questions in the comment section below or on your own blog and then link back here. I hope you enjoyed another edition of Would You Rather?

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Evani Gatsby said...

Lol I love the Lap Dance question! I mean I love JGL but I don't really find him "sexy" in that way. But Shia, I see a little bit more of the sex appeal.