Friday, April 19, 2013

WTCraft, Boston and Hello Kitty

I quit. I didn't take any projects with me on vacation and it seemed to all go downhill from there. I'm okay with quitting. It was starting to get stressful to come up with projects that weren't the same thing over and over and it quit being fun. I will continue to be crafty and will occasionally share what I'm up to, but no more daily IG pics or weekly posts. I feel much better that I don't have that little bit of stress on myself every day. It leaves me time to deal with the stress of other things.

via Jenna Szerlag

My thoughts are with Boston.

On a lighter note, it tickles me that my guy friends will tag me in or send me pictures of all things Hello Kitty. It doesn't surprise when my girl friends do this, I mean, most of them think she's a cute too. There's just something funny about a guy sending me Hello Kitty pics. I guess they know my obsession well.

Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees and rainy but warm. it's about 45 degrees and freezing. Not cool. Just another reason for me to pack and/or sell it all and move out to California. It's a month into spring and this is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! Also not cool, waking up at 6AM because it hurt on my right side when I inhaled. I think I started taking short breaths just to fall asleep.

Um...I guess that's about it. Have a warm and wonderful weekend.

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Jen said...

Oh wow yeah I would pack up and move to a warmer climate too!