Tuesday, July 23, 2013



I've been highly irritated the last couple of days. The heat and the war raging on in my uterus are the cause. I'm normally pretty even tempered when my body is doing the lady things it needs to do every month, but this month. This month, I've been very much, I'll bite your fucking head off. My ability to deal with idiots, morons and dumb ass mother fuckers has been non-existent.

Thankfully I head to Chicago for two days on Thursday to hang out with an old friend from Germany. We make this trip at least once a year. I'm ready for a break from my apartment and this no A/C thing I've got going on over here. I'm also ready for some good food and no responsibilities and sleeping in a hotel bed. I love sleeping in hotel beds.

In other news, ScruffyNerdy will be moving back to town next week and he's bringing my puppy. Okay it's not my puppy, but I plan to steal it and then it'll be my puppy...assuming I can snatch him away without getting kicked in the shins. Also, I've been working on my Indie Go Go campaign for my upcoming 100 Quilts, 100 Kids project. I really hope I'm able to raise all the money I need. I will move on with the project with or without the funding, but it'll be a whole lot less stressful if it's fully or even mostly funded.

Welp, I'm off to go soak my feet in cold water to help cool down. Maybe I'll have me a milk shake or just some ice cream too.

reading - Bali Raw by  Malcom Scott
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Jen said...

I hope you have a great trip!

Setarra said...

Ahhhh I was the exact same way last week when i was on my period ... The heat and lack of AC definitely doesn't help. But yay for Chicago!!!

Rima said...

meanwhile in californiaaaa... the Big Bear area (aka mountains) hailed yesterday. MUTHAFUCKIN HAILED! WTH.

we've been having humidity with scattered rains which is super lame.

but oh haaay Chicago!

Laura Go said...

oh man.... I can relate. Buy hey... Chicago! Seeing your updates on IG makes me wish I took advantage of how close I was to the windy city before the move!