Friday, September 20, 2013

it's time to begin, isn't it?

Wednesday night = AWESOME!

Last week the staffing agency that I do small jobs for called and asked if I was available to work Wednesday night. I checked my schedule and told my recruiter and told her that I was available. When she responded she said, "Great, I'll book you out for the event." Her statement made me giggle because it kind of sounded like I was an escort.

The only information I was given before hand about the event was that it was a concert for the employees of ExactTarget at Lucas Oil Stadium and that shirts would be provided. When we got to the stadium, our recruiter informed us we'd be greeting employees as the entered the stadium and that the concert was Imagine Dragons and The Avett Brothers. I'd heard of Imagine Dragons, but was clueless about The Avett Brothers.

When we met up with the event coordinator, we found out we'd be doing more than greeting. We'd be handing out flashing bracelets, light up beads and glowing foam fingers. We also found out they'd be feeding us. Yay! (I'm pretty much always down for free food.) We were then given a rundown of the schedule and set off to unwrap all the goodies.

Little did we know we'd be hanging out "back stage" to do a lot of our work. The stage was set up on the field just past the 50 yard line. This was my first time in the stadium (and it wasn't even for a football game) and we got to hang out ON the field.

As we were working through boxes of light up fun we noticed a group of people playing football in the end zone behind the stage, but didn't really pay them any attention because we were busy at work. It wasn't until later that we realized it was Imagine Dragons as they had just finished up their sound check as we were getting ready to work.

I didn't think we'd get to see much of the concert since we'd be busy handing out stuff and making sure everyone was having a good time. Wrong! We actually spent quite a bit of time back stage setting things up, waiting for the next thing to do and just plain dicking around.

It was pretty amazing and a lot of fun. Imagine Dragons put on a great show as did The Avett Brothers. We watched from back stage and from the big screens. EVERYONE was having a great time. Probably because of all the free alcohol going around. ExactTarget takes care of it's employees.

After The Avett Brothers performed there was a short fireworks show and we were off to hand out our last set of light up fun. As soon as we finished our event coordinator told us to have a drink and have a good time. It was just after 11PM and we'd already signed our time sheets for 1AM. Most of grabbed a drink and went out to the dance floor to have some fun.

It was probably the most fun I'd ever had working. We got paid to hang out back stage, have a good time and their was free food and beer, good beer too. I'm thankful that I stumbled across a CraigsList ad for the staffing company a few months ago. So far I've gotten to do two pretty fun events all while making a couple of extra bucks.

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