Tuesday, October 8, 2013

34 - a birthday wish list

34 things that I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday (of course I want all the non material things like time well spent with people I care about and happiness and what not, but I wouldn't mind some material things too). It wasn't that easy to compile this list. For the most part I think I want things on a whim. The top 3 things that I'd like and have been wanting for awhile are: HTC One smartphone, mermaid leggings and a PUBLIC bike, hopefully the birthday faery is sweet to me this year and I get those mermaid leggings. Here's the entire list in no particular order...yeah, this is a picture heavy post.

Day of the Dead Cameo via Hungry Designs

Floral USB Turntable via Urban Outfitters

Draw the Line via Sephora


Sherpa Dish Chair via Target

Grey Hemp Cordones via TOMS

 Stir Fry Pan via Target

Indian Summer Fat Quarter Bundle via Westwood Acres

Charcoal and Clay Face Mask via Dress Green

HTC One via HTC

   Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR via Canon

Hello Kitty Vans via Vans x Sanrio

  Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in Tea Tree via Dr. Bronner's

Kanpe Tea via David's Tea

 red sabo wood earrings 0g via avaia artistic jewelry

solar powered charger via eBay

Honey Crisp Half Yard Bundle via Westwood Acres

smartphone spy lens via photojojo

wood plugs with cz via omerica organic

Johnny Cupcakes x TMNT Big Kid Shredder via Johnny Cupcakes

Hello Kitty Bag via Sanrio

  black sandals via seychelles

sparkle knit dress via american eagle

faux sherpa lined boots via american eagle

enchant fat quarter bundle via westwood acres

The Charge Card via photojojo

 leather satchel via frye

MacBook Pro via apple

KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Contour Silver via KitchenAid

The Olive Branch Body Wash via Lush USA

Sweet Thai Coconut Tea via Adagio

hoodie dress in black via cocoricooo

Pink Slingshot via Hella Slingshots

Black Mermaid Leggings via G Pop Clothing

What kinds of things are on your birthday list? Also, yep...34 items because I'm turning 34. It's okay, you don't have to believe me...most people don't. I'm okay with that.

reading - Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
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Breonna said...

Fingers crossed for the birthday fae!

I wanted a kindle paperwhite. It's at the UPS office waiting for me I also want a massage and a flash for my T3.

Simply Evani said...

Those leggings are awesome! I love the hello kitty vans too, those are too cute. Hope you get some goodies on this list!