Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Week Begins!!!

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Since I have plans this year for my birthday I'm actually a little excited to celebrate and have decided to celebrate as much as I can this week.

If you didn't already know I want to meet Ellen of The Ellen Show. It's one of my fall wishes and it's also my birthday wish. So I'm asking that everyone with a Twitter account tweet the following:
Hey @TheEllenShow, @chickenb00's #birthdaywish #fallwish is to meet you. #100quilts100kids
Pretty easy to do and it's FREE to do, unless you count the 30 seconds it'll take to copy, paste and tweet. But I mean come on 30 seconds isn't much.

Also in lieu of gifts I'm asking for donations to purchase yarn (craft fair supplies) and fabric (100 Quilts, 100 Kids).

And last but not least, the weather is finally starting to get chilly around these parts and the rest of the country (snow in Colorado already) so I've decided to have a preseason sale on etsy. Use the code PRESEASON15 to save 15% off purchases of $10 or more. Proceeds from all purchase will go towards purchasing more fabric for 100 Quilts, 100 Kids. Save a few bucks AND do something nice for a kid.

Alright, let the party begin!!!

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Jen said...

Yay for birthday week!!! :) I hope it's amazing.