Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm Back

Nothing to exciting as it was a short trip with a specific mission. And I didn't even take any pictures. I need a smaller more portable camera.
We left around noon on Wednesday. Right out of Indianapolis we got to talking about Popeye's Chicken and got hungry and decided when it was time for dinner that's where'd we go. Yeah, that was a mission (when we told someone about our mission they said it reminded them of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, I have to see that movie now). No Popeye's Chicken north of Nashville and we barely caught sight of the one we ate at, as soon as we passed Nashville. Once we hit the GA border Popeye's was every other exit. We stayed overnight at Adrienne's friends house.

Thursday we left around 1ish and headed down to Tallahassee. Got there around 5ish, checked in had dinner, had some ice cream and went back to the hotel to get ready to go out. Out was a bust. She took me to a place she used to hang out and it was bunk, nearly empty. We hit another place at 12PM got in there and it was nearly empty as well, but we weren't going anywhere else. 30 minutes later and the DJ was talking about closing up. WHAT??? Closing already? She thinks because it was the end of the summer session so not too many people around so they don't really stay open. We left hit up Krispy Kreme and got in to sleep early.

Friday Adrienne needed to meet with her graduate director at FSU, the whole reason for the trip. She got her acceptance letter and we drove around the town a bit and then headed back to Atlanta. (I could never live in FL, too hot and humid.) We spent less than 24 hours in FL and for the summer I think that was enough for me. Maybe I'll visit again when it ain't so hot, although I can't imagine that it gets too cold down there.

We get to Atlanta around 9ish and sit around a bit and then get ready to go out. We went to this pretty cool club with a wonderfully diverse crowd. I love places like that. We met up with Adrienne's friend, Russell, he was nice enough to pay our cover into the club and bought us a round of shots. You gotta love guys like that. We danced (Russell said something about me having a ham sandwich in the back, where do guys come up with these corny comments), we sweated, random people were in awe of the tattoo on my back and we had a good time. A much better time than we did the night before. When the club closed we said our good byes and head back for some much needed rest.

Saturday it's time to hit the road back to Indianapolis. We got a late start since we sat around all morning talking and watching movies and then hit up IHOP for lunch. We got home around 11PM, which was good time since we hit some bad traffic leaving Atlanta and had to detour back through the city. We were going to go out when we got home but really couldn't find anywhere to go and the body was saying it was tired.

It was fun and I'd definitely do it again.

We're already talking about going back to Atlanta in late October for my golden birthday. I'm game. Atlanta seems like a fun city.

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