Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Little Sad and Lonely

Having a little pity party for myself. Feeling a little hopeless. Really need for work to start back up and real soon.
School has started back up at Purdue and I feel out of place since I'm not there. I think sometimes I should be a career student. I actually like the school atmosphere. Well it's probably more of the structure I like and the learning. I can do without the grades and the tests and the papers and presentations.

AB has left to Tally for grad school. I don't have anyone to hang out with anymore. It's pretty f'ed up. We met not more than 2 months ago at work, clicked like we knew each other in another life and now she's gone away to grad school. It was like a teaser. Here you go Lewis, here's a friend, but you only get to hang out for a month. Oh and wouldn't you know it she only lived like a block away from me.

I feel like I have an Internet stalker. I met a guy on line and he IM's me a few times a day, always buzzing me. I know I could just block him and don't know why I don't. It's pretty damn irritating. I think I need to leave meeting/talking to guys on the Internet alone. Too many weirdos out there, like I didn't already know that.

Been chatting with an old acquaintance/friend from HS. It's great to catch up with the "gossip" of other peoples lives, finding out what's been going on with people we used to go to school with. They're married, have kids, incarcerated, etc. And where are we...still looking for Mr. Right so we can do the married and have kids thing or at least have kids. *lol*

Neighbor is still getting on my nerves. He now only plays his music loud at a reasonable hour (after 10AM, before 10PM). I liked it better with the previous neighbor he was pretty quiet, heck he was gone most of the time. He only has one more chance to wake me up early or keep me up late...then I'm talking to the leasing office. Hopefully since school has started here he'll either be out studying a lot or at class and out of his apartment.

Other than that, there ain't a dang thing going on in my life. Just trying to clean things up. Sell off a few items I don't really use anymore. And get my creative juices flowing again. Anyone looking for an Epson PictureMate Photo Printer or Kodak EasyShare DX4330 Digital Camera? Do you need any invitations for your next party or some birthday cards, thank you cards or hey even Christmas cards. Let me know...I need some money.

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