Thursday, August 18, 2005

@!#$%*! Neighbor

I believe a new neighbor moved in today maybe yesterday and he's already on my LIST (with Clark who's at the top, looks like he might get pushed to the number two spot). It's two *bleep* thirty in the morning and his music is loud, not loud loud, but loud enough that the bass/beats are keeping me up (I'm very sensitive when it comes to bass/beats). I know he's home. I saw him walk into his apartment when I was coming in. I see what I believe is his car parked outside my window (since it's the new one out there that hasn't been out there before).

The music has been playing since about twelvish and I put up with it because I was awake. But now I want to go to sleep. I go upstairs to ask him to turn it down and no one answers the door, but you sure can hear the music clearly through the door, lyrics and all (I think it's Ludacris, but I could be wrong, I'm not good at naming artists). I knock again, no one answers. (I'm feeling a little bad because his door and the other neighbors are right next to each other and when you knock on anyones door in our "stairwell" you can hear it pretty good). I knock again and no one answers and all of a sudden the music is starting to skip. I leave and can still hear the music and it's still skipping. It's bad enough I have to listen to cicadas and crickets, but now loud music. The music stops for a few minutes and then it starts back up and it's still going off an on.


Normally my rule is I'll only ask three times to turn it down, but this guy has already messed up. He won't even answer the *bleep* door. I'm tempted to go outside and ask the Sheriff what he can do about it since no one wants to answer the door. Me thinks I'll be calling the leasing office in the morning assuming I ever get to sleep.

(Oh and Clark, since I know you'll be reading this, I'm not talking to you until you come down and visit, but that's not the reason I'm "mad" or whatever.)

4AM Update: The music has been turned off, it seems the music woke him from his slumber.

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