Sunday, September 18, 2005

Please Sir Can I Have Some More

What a wonderful weekend it was...I guess. A former classmate (NK) invited me to a party at a co-workers house. She said she'd be by to pick me up at about 3: 00 - 3:30, because she needed to get her car looked at, really not sure what that had to do with what time she was stopping by to pick me up, but whatever. Well 3:30 rolled around and nothing. Then 4:30 rolled around and I receive a phone call, she just got home and she'll be over after she get's changed. That's cool, but a call at around 3:30 would've been nice. Those of you who know me know that it really gets under my skin when someone is late and they don't at least call and say why. Anyway...NK gets here at about 5:30, as I'm walking out to meet her she lets me know that she needs to let her engine cool off a bit.
We sit for a few and then head on our way. We get going and after about 10 minutes it's starting to smoke under the hood, NK says she'll stop in a few to let it cool off again. We get on the interstate and now there's a funny noise she she pulls over and now it's smoking more. We get out and I move back a bit because I don't want to be anywhere near if that thing catches fire. We wait a few and it just so happens that a tow truck heading in the other direction had seen us and decided to turn around and stop. How very nice of him. He tows us to the exit we needed and drops us at a gas station. No charge for the tow. How very kind of him.

Well we wait around again to let the engine cool off. NK takes the car out of park and we start to roll back, she steps on the brakes and nothing, NOTHING. She puts the card back in park. Then she tries to start the car, it starts and she takes it out of park and we roll back again. She puts it back in park and turns the ignition off. She goes to start it again and nothing. I'm laughing by now, it's just too funny. She calls her insurance company to come tow her car to the dealer and then calls a cab. We take the cab to the south side of town to where the party is at...$45.00 for a cab.

The party was pretty cool...midnight rolls around and I'm ready to go and then someone suggests going to a bar. Cool, why not. They call a cab. An hour later they call a cab again. Still nothing. One thirty rolls around and they call again and figure out that they live too far out to get anyone to drive out there to pick us up so NK's co-worker takes me home. On the way home NK asks if I'd like to join them at the zoo tomorrow. That's cool, I ain't got nothing else to do.

It's already about two and I'm beat...but hungry so I warm up some food and eat and then hop in the bed after sending a text message to DW. No response and I fall asleep. I'd only been asleep for about 20 minutes when I hear this weird noise and wake up. New text thinks I woke someone up so I call DW and we talk until about 5:30 in the morning, 6:30 for him. Good conversation. I really enjoy talking to DW and getting to know him more. I felt like I was wide awake when I got off the phone but fell asleep quickly.

I don't know what it was Sunday morning, but I really wasn't expecting to go to the zoo, but NK called at a little after noon to let me know that someone would be by to pick me up at two. That's cool, I got enough time to eat and shower. I jump in the shower after one and not too long after I get out and start getting dressed I hear a knock on the door. It's not even a quarter to two yet. It seems dude was told we were going to meet at the zoo at two. Fine, I can get dressed quick. I ask him to give me 15 minutes and it actually only takes me 5. I'm quick like that, one of those lovely low maintenance ladies.

We head to the zoo and it seems NK ain't gonna be there until 2:30 which dude takes to be three. Nice. We head in an take a gander around. Decent zoo, ain't no San Diego Zoo, but it's cool. We finally meet up with NK at 3:30 and finish our walk around and hit the Dolphin Show. The Dolphin Show was nice. We sat in the splash zone and it was pretty cool, but not the greatest view. It's closing time by now so we hit up one more spot and then head out. It's already dinner time so we suggest getting something to eat downtown. Well we didn't end up going downtown to eat, but I still got to eat and then got home.

Now I'm tired, but I'm forcing myself to stay up. I don't know why I do this to myself, but I'm not ready to go to bed. It was a pretty decent weekend. Better than sitting at home all weekend. I think I enjoyed my phone conversation the most. Need to have more of those.

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