Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh Sweet Comfort

My bum and back are in blessed heaven. I have a new chair as opposed to el cheapo folding chair I've been sitting on for the past 4 months. I wanted a regular desk chair to begin with but couldn't bring myself to buy one. No reason in particular, just couldn't do it. That is until a few nights ago when my current el cheapo started to fall apart. First the back comes off. I hadn't really noticed that the back was actually saudered on until it fell off. I'd never seen a chair where the back was saudered on instead of bolted or screwed on, then again for $10 what do you expect. I figured I mine as well just break down and buy a regular chair. Did some perusing online at Office Depot, took all of a few clicks to find one that was reasonably priced and would work with my desk. I really wanted one of the nice leather execuative type chairs, but knew it wasn't going to fit. Maybe next time. It was a good thing I ordered a new chair because the next day I'm sitting reading some blog or something and go to put my foot on one of the support/cross bars and it breaks off and my foot scrapes against the tid bits of metal, not as pleasant a feeling as it sounds. I'm not sure el cheapo was going to make it any longer. We'll have to save that chair for special guests. Now that I'm comfortable maybe I'll be able to get more work done. Sweet, sweet chair how do I love thee.

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