Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back to Work or Not

Started back at work on Monday...but fairly nervous that I might be out of a job after tomorrow. Monday went well, Tuesday was alright...but I failed to qualify which meant I was lucky enough to have to come in today and I have to work tomorrow (two extra days of pay)while the suckers that did qualify got two days off with no pay. I'm nervous though. The questions I have are soooooo easy to grade...but...then they go and make it difficult and trip you up with all the other answers that are acceptable. They mine as well say that if they wrote something, anything even that it's correct and they get the points. I mean seriously. So I'm nervous I'll get more than the one wrong I'm allowed and then I'll be out of a job. Back to the grind of job hunting. I so don't want that. I so enjoy the job I have with the laidbackness of it all and the atmosphere and actually some of the people even if they are crazy.
Cross your fingers everyone and pray that I qualify. I need this.

In other news, Clark is coming down on Friday and we're headed back to our Alma Mater on Saturday for Homecoming weekend. Fun, fun, fun. I can't wait.

Other than that I've been going to bed before 12 and getting up before the sun.

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