Friday, October 7, 2005

There's a Cold Front Moving In

...and it brings with it sadness with a flurries of loneliness.
My own lil' pity party...move on if you don't want to party with me.

It started with realizing that in a few weeks my birthday will be here, but its not about getting older. It's about spending my birthday alone. Then comes November and maybe I'll try to enjoy a turkey leg by myself. Shortly there after December comes and the Jolly holiday as well as New Year's will be here and it'll be my what fourth year that I spend it alone. And then comes February and the dreaded V-day will be here and I'll guessed it alone. [insert quiet sobbing here]

Now I realize that I may not have to spend these days alone...but I can't see past the fog and don't forsee any major changes that'll have me spending any of these days with someone else/special. Maybe my patience is just wearing thin and I'm tired of waiting for things that I can't control to happen.

Clark says not to get all worked up about it, but who is he to talk. He hasn't had to spend any of these lovely holidays alone. He doesn't know what it's like. It's all consuming. It's blah.

And for now...that's all I have to say about that.

In other news I start work on Monday. Yay!!! Something to do for eight hours a day, a weekly pay check and human interaction.

It also seems that fall might actually be on its way. It has been in the 80's here lately and now it's starting to cool down. Fall brings a lovely change in the color of the leaves and the perfect time to work those photography skills. Yay!

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