Monday, October 31, 2005

Is It Possible?

I had my friend KR from high school tell me that based on a current photo that: 1) I look like I did in HS and 2) I look like I'm still 16. Wow, 16. I've gotten 19, 20, 21, but never 16. I'm coming up on 26 and 16 just doesn't seem right. I know that when I'm mid 30's anything in the 20's will be a compliment. I don't exactly do anything special to "stay" young, I think it just runs in my family. My grandma is in her late 70's and I'd put her in her late 50's, early 60's and my dad is 53 and is mistaken for late 30's all the time. I wonder if it's something we can bottle up and sell on eBay.

What else? It's been a good week. Another friend (MJ) from high school was in town and we hung out and had a few drinks on Monday and Tuesday. Nice for me to get out and good to hang out with friends from high school. Tuesday we went to a bar and played some pool with her brother and a few of his friends. Pool was fun, MJ and I won 4 out of 5 games against those boys. It wasn't skill that won us those games though, it was them scratching on the 8. At one point after a few too many drinks we had the guys going. We told them they were stripes and they aimed at the stripes, unfortunately for us, they didn't sink any of them. It was a pretty good laugh that my sides were aching. Poor guys, lucky them we didn't collect on the drinks they owed us. Especially at $9/drink. Closing time came and we headed back to B and ?'s place for a bit, where we proceeded to collect the cardboard coasters laying around and would fling them all at B unexpectly. The look on his face was priceless.

Wednesday I took myself to the movies to see Elizabethtown. Decent movie. Wednesday night I realized that I was starting to get sick. I stayed in all day Thursday. Planned on taking myself to the store to pick up medicine, but it was raining and I fell asleep for a good part of the afternoon. Man that was a good nap. Which brings us to today...made it to the store to get medicine and told myself that I could only buy what I could carry. $25 for 6 items. Sheesh. Need to look for coupons for medicine next time or maybe just not get sick.

Weekend doesn't look too promising, will probably just work on some projects and clean up. Hopefully by Monday I'll be feeling a lot better.

Oh and I want to mention that TH and CJ are the greatest, I'm on a spending freeze and they sent me GC's to scrapbooking places for my birthday, great way to get around a freeze.

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