Monday, October 17, 2005

Officer Down

It was a most enjoyable weekend for what it was. Clark was running late as usual, I shouldn't have expected any less. We headed downtown for a few hours Friday night, but not without stopping at the ATM to grab some cash. Of course as if my week couldn't get any crappier (at least for my standards) the ATM stole my debit card. Inserted card and computer rebooted...nice, there goes my money for the weekend. Luckily I found some cash in hidden places.

Saturday morning after only a few hours of sleep we headed out to our Alma Mater. Although it's late we still have enough time to hit Breakfast Club and it wouldn't be a complete day of football if we didn't. We hooked up with the usual suspects (CS and BW). Then it's off to tailgate for a bit and have a bite to eat. Before heading to the game we must find an extra ticket. Yeah, that's right, we were so last minute we didn't have enough tickets, but it's always easy to find an extra ticket.

Lucky us we were on the 40 yard line row 3. It couldn't get any better really, well it could, but for how last minute we were those seats were pretty damn good and we didn't even have to pay an arm and a leg. Although we lost I still think it was a pretty decent game, from what I saw. Sometimes it's hard when the guys sitting in front of your are football players and recruits. Actually at one point I was almost sat on. That would've been quite tragic. It felt good to be there cheering on our team. In a way, it felt like home.

After the game Clark and I go check into hour hotel and grab a quick nap. We were exhausted after very little sleep the night before and standing around in the hot sun all morning and afternoon. After our nap we showered and changed for dinner and a night on the town hoping to hook up with friends. For once we were the first ones ready and out at the bars. Nothing has changed and I didn't expect it would. Most exciting thing that happened was as we were waiting to have our ID's checked some random guy comes out of the bar and busts a beer bottle over the head of the doorman. Doorman drops like a sack of potatoes, it takes me a minute to realize what happens and to help the guy out. Random guy doesn't even make it five feet before he's tackled by the other doorman and the cops who happened to be hanging out across the street. It all seemed unreal. Doorman is taken to the hospital and we head into the bar. We hook up with a couple of friends and hang out until closing time. I didn't see all the people I would've like to have seen. My guess is they either didn't come out, didn't come back or we just missed each other.

All in all it was a good time. In five months that city has changed quite a bit, but I'm not surprised because it changed a lot when we were there too. Clark's visit was way to short, but fun and hopefully we'll do it again sooner rather than later.

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