Saturday, November 12, 2005

Out of My Comfort Zone

Thursday I did something I'd never done before...I approached AB2 (a guy, not to be confused with AB the girl) after worked and asked if he wanted to get together and do something this weekend. He mentioned that he'd be in the studio all day Saturday and that Friday would be better. I said fine you have my number, call me and I'll talk to you at work tomorrow.
Friday he gets off of work early (lucky him), approaches me puts out his hand (handshake deal) to say good luck with the rest of the day. I ask if we're still on for later and with a smile he says yes and I tell him to call me all whilst holding my hand (this is about a minute of interaction).

He never called.

Karma is a bitch, I didn't think it'd come back at me so quick. Thursday after I spoke to AB2, another guy, Crazy Work Guy or CWG, approached me and asked if we could go out sometime I was so "high" from the previous encounter with AB2 that I said sure to CWG. I didn't mean to. He came up to me at work on Friday and asked for my number and I got his instead I didn't want him calling me. I have no intentions of calling him. Wrong on my part and I should've been upfront. When he asked for my number I was standing chatting with a bunch of friends and one guy said he'd be standing behind me staring for a good minute before he said anything, creepy, to add to his anger management issues. What goes around comes around, who knew it'd be so fast.

Last night after being stood up by AB2 (although there COULD be a good reason, accident or something, who knows) I emailed CWG and told him I was sorry and that I have no intentions of calling him. I felt the need to make that right, I think he might've gotten the idea at work though when I basically avoided him the rest of the day. He seriously creeped me out, he got off of work when AB2 did and he was still sitting around in the lobby when I left 4 hours later.

So much for stepping out of my comfort zone, I think I'll crawl back in...I wonder if I'd make a good nun.

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