Sunday, November 20, 2005


Yeah, not too much to say...

Listed some auctions on eBay on Thursday evening only to realize the next day that they'll end on Turkey Day, probably not a good idea. I need some money, well...maybe not need...well, yeah I need it, I got student loans.

Went to a job fair on Friday, stood in line for almost 2 hours and talked to a woman for all of 2 minutes. I should hear back after Thanksgiving.

Did all of nothing yesterday, it's too cold for me to want to go outside.

Which brings us to today...I cleared out a little bit of my scrapbooking "junk" and listed it online here. It seems like a good time to declutter.

While I'm at it...anyone looking for a custom made weekly planners/address books or creative and handmade holiday gifts? I could use the work. :)

Oh and I thought I'd add, never heard back from AB2...maybe he fell off the face of the earth and hasn't found his way back. Whatever. Moving on.

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