Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Late Turkey Day

Yes I realize that I'm two days late but I don't care. No pictures of the yummy turkey I cooked for me, myself and I. I remembered to pull out the camera after I had attempted to carve it. It was pretty damn good. I put a butter/sage rub on it between the meat and skin, decent and moist unlike last years dry thing. Let's see...had boxed stuffing and potatoes and canned corn and cranberry jelly. The only other thing I "cooked" was an Oreo Pie, mmmmmm, Oreo Pie. The filling was enough for two pies, yet the recipe only called for one. Sooo...I have one overflowed pie and some extra filling chillin' in the freezer. We'll be eating that like it's ice cream or something. Although I spent the day alone it wasn't too bad. People actually called me this year which was very thoughtful of them.

Yesterday was fun. I got up to shop at 6:45AM and got all my shopping done before noon. I scored some nice deals and well as usual have a few returns. I didn't want to try anything on. Not that it was crowded or anything, but I just didn't feel like dealing with the dressing rooms and it's more fun to try stuff on at home where you can mix and match with everything you already have to see how it's all going to work. Still trying to think of what to get Clark for Christmas, usually I have ideas coming out the wazoo...but this year so far...NOTHING. Need to think of a birthday gift for my dad too. I'm gonna chill out. Might go out for a bit if it's warm enough. I'm really not looking forward to this cold weather.

And I can't think of anything else to I'm going to go pull out the turkey and eat up.

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