Sunday, December 11, 2005

*bleep* Snow

So it snowed the other day...and boy did it snow...7+ inches.  Trekking through that the next morning was oodles of fun.  Yeah, not too much to say.  Here's my list of things to do by Thursday.

  1. Lunch box project

  2. Laundry (wash, fold and put away)

  3. Clean bathroom

  4. Clean kitchen

  5. Vacuum

  6. Take out ALL the trash

  7. Burn CD's

  8. 26 Layout

  9. Mail package

  10. Pack

  11. Call cab companies for information

  12. Organize my crap

  13. Cash checks

  14. A million other things I can't think of that I know I need to do

Anyone want to help?

Signing off,
The Recluse

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