Sunday, January 15, 2006

[insert heavy sigh here]

The big holidays have past and the dreaded V day will be upon us in a month. I hate Hallmark. Seeing all the red and pink and hearts has got me down. Kisses and hugs and couples, blech. But not really blech...but a sadness that I'll be alone...again. Is there someone I'd like to be with...yes...will we be together...not likely (should be more positive, but the situation is a little odd, nothing bad...just not typical). I've shed a few tears about being alone and it's a daily thing. These are the moments when I ask why? I question my worth and my beauty and what am I doing wrong and a whole bunch of other stuff. Then I listen to all the sappy love songs and I spiral deeper into my bitterness. I know my time will come...but when?

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