Monday, August 7, 2006

Dream, dream dream dream...

I woke up suddenly Sunday morning from what I consider a pretty freaky dream I had bitten down and some of my teeth had broken and crumbled in my mouth. I went to the bathroom to spit out the mess only to find that everytime I touched another tooth it would break off in my hand. I was sobbing horribly at the mess when I woke up.

I've had dreams about my teeth breaking off and crumbling in my mouth before. But this one seemed to really stick out in my mind. Naturally this one came at a time where one of my wisdom teeth is growing and causing some minor pain. But I don't think that has anything to do with the dream.

I consulted with google about dreams that involve teeth falling out and it told me several things:

1. "These dreams reflect concerns over our physical appearance, as our teeth are the one of the first thing people notice when they meet us." ~Dream Doctor []

2. "Losing teeth in dreams symbolizes the loss of childhood innocence. These dreams often occur at times of transition from one life stage to the next. Your dream may be a message that an important milestone is occurring and urging you to face the inevitable. Losing teeth in dreams may also symbolize a desire to return to the security of childhood." ~Parthena Black []

3. "Teeth falling out suddenly or all at once may symbolize fear of things that are beyond your control. Permanent teeth do not come back - you may fear or be facing a major loss. You may fear victimization; without teeth, you can't bite back. Animal teeth in dreams represent aggressiveness." ~Parthena Black []

Oddly enough I can relate to all three of this items. I'm becoming more unhappy about my physical appearance. I know what I need to do to change it, but have no motivation to do so. Especially when those who are close like me for who I am...soft, squishy and sarcastic.

I've also come to that point in my life where I need to grow up and get a "real" job. I need to stop playing around and pursue my dreams and overcome the things in my life that challenge me the most with regards to careers and making a living. Damn it I got bills to pay.

And of course I feel right now a lot of things are out of my control, but there are always things in my life beyond my control...or that I feel are beyond my control. Especially the dealings of men. I tell myself to just let things be and let things happen and I try...but it frustrates me. I like to have my hands in everything and play with the outcomes. But I know that I can't.

So what does it all mean? I guess it's time to step back and take a look at all three aspects and act accordingly...or it was just a bad dream and it's time to see the dentist.


The rest of this post is for KL. Well for the most part. It's his honorable mention.

Last night/this morning KL and I talked on the "phone" for the first time. When I say phone I mean we voice chatted via Yahoo Messenger. You can leave voice mail and it rings like a phone...let's call it the phone.

He pretty much sounded just as I thought he would. I on the other hand did not have the raspy voice he expected and apparently I have a southern accent. But that's not the first time I've been told I sound like I have a southern accent. I still don't get it.

We talked for a good three hours. Great entertainment and nice that the conversation flows a lot better when you don't have to type it all out.

For me the most amusing part of the conversation was when right before one of his friends called I said, "Your phone is about to ring." KL said no it's not, but not less than two seconds later it did. No I'm not psychic. But I've learned when you leave your cell phone near your computer speakers right before the phone rings the speakers make a sort of beeping sound and I could hear that sound coming from KL's side. I know that freaked him out a bit. You can admit it KL.

I was also slightly amused by my power of suggestion through the internets when I blurted out that KL was going to the strip club when he had answered a call via his cell. Shortly there after KL's buddies were headed to the strip club sans KL as he was having too much fun spending that online time with me. LOL. Who knew I had that much power? That's dangerous.

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