Thursday, August 31, 2006

"...i love you...only at this moment, maybe not tomorrow...kisses...toodles"

  1. "girl get the hell on...I'm through...make me a sandwich...i love you...only at this moment, maybe not tomorrow...kisses...toodles"
  2. Go see Idlewild.
  3. Why am I so tired?
  4. I hate doing the dishes, but I must.
  5. Must also do something productive other than reading.
  6. I want to go to ATL for Old Soul, but alas I have no funds.
  7. Classes start next week. I'm ready but not.
  8. Thank goodness no text books were required this semester.
  9. I start working on my 101 list Friday.
  10. I'm ready to get started.
  11. Hurry up Friday, get here sooner.
  12. My birthday is less than two months away.
  13. Twenty-seven. Really?
  14. "...stand on the corner with a bow tie...i wanna be witchu..."
  15. I love reading. Give me books.
  16. I suppose I can start cooking dinner, but I don't want to.
  17. I just want to read some more.
  18. And be nosy.
  19. Another book finished.
  20. CJ will be here Friday night. Fun.
  21. I need to do something today.
  22. Probably a good idea to start with a shower.
  23. I want to start a new project, but I need to work with the ones I've started before I start anything new.
  24. PROCRASTINATOR. That's me.
  25. Should be my official title.
  26. Naps make for an unproductive me.
  27. I want a muffin. Give me a muffin...I'll even settle for a cupcake.
  28. I'm tempted to order pizza. Not what I really need.
  29. I planted the seed. I'm probably gettin' a pizza.
  30. And a salad. And some cookies and soda.
  31. That's just how it works.
  32. Nothing productive done today.
  33. Could this be a sign of depression?
  34. I left my apartment for the first time since Saturday.
  35. But only to drop off my rent check and take out some trash.
  36. A hermit I am.
  37. Mmmmm...Gary Dourdan. Yum.
  38. Tomorrow I get to clean my apartment. Fun.

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