Monday, August 14, 2006

I wanted more, but I was torn.

  1. He called. I hope I get to see him this weekend.
  2. Might have to change some plans.
  3. I want this: so i think i really like you/really.../i know it isn't love it's/sort of like a really-really-like-you type of thing/and i can go days without kissing you or thinking of kissing/you and then/i really feel that i need to, like/the pressing of my lips against yours takes/me elsewhere than here/and i really really like that feeling/it is otherwordly, and supernatural/and powerful and etherial all at the same time
    and not. -Yaw
  4. I kind of feel that way about him.
  5. "...there is still a bit of your skin...that I'm yet to have kissed..."
  6. Why is JD calling me at 4AM?
  7. Time for another photo shoot.
  8. TJ has soft lips.
  9. I wanted more, but I was torn.
  10. Damn the hormones.
  11. "haiku is sixteen syllables too long to describe sex with you; bad."
  12. That's funny.
  13. I don't think I'll get to see him today.
  14. I don't want to edit anymore photos today.
  15. But I'm sure I'll end up doing some more later.
  16. TJ came back to see the photos...too bad I had to kick him out because to the Front Page we went.
  17. Our favorite short DJ was no where to be seen.
  18. No more photo editing.
  19. Ron wasn't like that in college. Hilarious.
  20. Mmmmm...omlete at 4AM.
  21. What was
  22. I'm going to miss Enoch. Loud, sweaty, huggable...what more is there?
  23. Skin is drying...must get lotion.
  24. Bored. Tired.
  25. Oh the hormones...stop.
  26. I want sex...but I want more than sex.
  27. I'm not sure celibacy is going to work for me.
  28. The photos look great, so does the site. I love it.
  29. That milkshae was mmm mmm mmm. Hit the spot.
  30. Waiting...not so patiently.
  31. I want to get out. I kind of want to see TJ. I'm conflicted.
  32. Too much staying up late
  33. "...stand on the corner with a bow tie...I just wanna be witchu you though..."
  34. Must be productive today. It's Monday...gotta start the week off right.
  35. First call of the morning...called for no reason...just to call.
  36. I like that.

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