Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm tired and I ain't done nothing.

  1. Mmmmm...cereal.
  2. A great idea.
  3. I didn't think they were dorks at all.
  4. And I was glad she was there, just wasn't expecting her.
  5. 70's cooler out.
  6. " that we know each other a little better...I think this thing we got can go a little further...I can forsee a possibility...of you and me..."
  7. Yay, no least not today.
  8. "...I don't want to look at you no more."
  9. What to do with the rest of my day?
  10. Something productive.
  11. After I make me a sandwich.
  12. And get dressed.
  13. Some things your friends really don't need to tell you.
  14. Mmmmm...smoothie.
  15. Yes, my testimonial has been published once again. I feel famous.
  16. We are pawns in their DJ game. But that's okay.
  17. I'm tired and I ain't done nothing.
  18. I need to eBay some stuff.
  19. I got bills that need to be paid.
  20. Ugh.
  21. I still haven't gotten my contract/information from the agency for Tuesday.
  22. I'm stuffed.
  23. He should be off of work by now, I wonder if he'll remember to call.
  24. MySpace is the devil.
  25. I need to start going to bed much earlier.

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