Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm feeling lost.

  1. I got to see Mr. T tonight.
  2. It was nice. It's always nice.
  3. It's funny that we don't get close until I walk him out to his car.
  4. I like kissing him and hugging him and holding his hand.
  5. I like being near him.
  6. I wonder if he'll think about me while he's on vacation.
  7. I wonder if he'll remember to call when he gets back.
  8. Can I even go a whole week without seeing him?
  9. *laughs*
  10. Heck, I've gone longer than that.
  11. The woman in me wants to know where this is going.
  12. We both have trust issues.
  13. Could it even work?
  14. Received my morning call from TJ.
  15. That's always nice to wake up to.
  16. CJ is a trip. Good people.
  17. Some idiot sent me a "chain" letter. Hell no I'm not sending out any money to people I don't know.
  18. Is idiot stamped on my forehead? Don't answer that.
  19. So I played with the camera again.
  20. I think I got what I wanted this time.
  21. I's happy. At least for now.
  22. We'll see after editing.
  23. Job hunting sucks.
  24. Late nights are always...
  25. Well tiring...but sometimes fun.
  26. What is with the text messages so early in the morning?
  27. SIM card is full, time to delete some messages.
  28. Oh sweet do I love thee.
  29. Need to eat something.
  30. and drink.
  31. "i did limelight, hellhammer, oldsoul, and i can do u!"
  32. Damn those naps...they keep me up all night.
  33. I'm not sure how I feel about Mr. T.
  34. I like taking it slow, but it makes me want him more sometimes.
  35. KL is a mess. He's gonna get himself in trouble.
  36. I need sex. More sex, more often.
  37. I have gas.
  38. I'm feeling lost. But it seems I'm feeling lost a lot these days.
  39. I wanted to go out tonight.
  40. Hopefully tomorrow night.
  41. Soul Session next Friday. Woo hoo!!!
  42. WTF is wrong with me?
  43. I need some money.
  44. Where the fuck is that lady...ugh.
  45. *heavy sigh*
  46. FUCK!!!

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