Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Are You Such a Bitch?

My neighbor is such an asshole.  I step out and ask her to turn her music down just a smidge.  She appears as though she's gettin' ready to go out.  I can smell the gel/hairspray and it's Friday night (it's a pretty big assumption, but usual when the music is loud, it's for a bit and then I hear her leave).  She looks at me like I've got five heads because I've asked her to turn the music down.  Is that such an insane request?  Of course as soon as I get back downstairs she decides that it's time to vacuum.  Maybe I'm taking it too personally, but I don't know, I think she's just trying to annoy the fuck out of me now.  And not only is she vacuuming, she's dropping shit.  Loud shit.  And slamming cabinet doors.  WTF?  Are you that much of a childish asshole that you can't adhere to a simple request to turn down your music?  Really?  She's now stomping around more than usual.  I mean come a fucking adult.  I asked nicely.  I hate living in an apartment and more than that I hate living on the first floor where I have to deal with the asshole that lives above me.  It's shit like this that makes me have violent thoughts and want to shoot the bitch.  Seriously.  Of course next time I'm must not going to say anything to her, because now I know what the result is going to be.  Next time I'm just going to complain to the front office about it.  I'm going to continually complain about it because I can stand her either way and  I know they don't think too kindly of her down in the office either.  Apparently she IS a pain in the ass.  Sheesh, you'd think I asked her to shut off the music completely.

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