Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Seriously She’s a Crazy Childish Bitch

She went to the leasing office and complained to them about me asking to turn her music down.  And then tried to complain that I was making noise.  My friend, who just happens to work in the leasing office and who my neighbor complained to, called to tell me my neighbor was in there throwing a hissy fit because I asked her to turn her music down.  I mean seriously...SERIOUSLY???  It did her no good.  The office already thinks she's crazy (heck they even have a nickname for her)...I think this solidify's it.  My friend said she did all she could not to laugh.  The other leasing agents thought it was hilarious too.  Funny thing is I was actually going to call the office and complain about my neighbor just to have it on record.  No need to do that anymore.  The manager told my friend there was no need to write up a complaint as my neighbor's was invalid.  Sweet.  Like she would've anyway.  Unfortunately she resigned her lease so I'll have to deal with her another year.  I was really hoping she hadn't yet and that I could get into the office at some point and talk to them about all the noise she's ALWAYS making.  I'm not sure I'll be able to put up with her for another year.  Ugh.  Stupid crazy childish asshole bitch.

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