Sunday, December 10, 2006

List of Needs and Wants

...physical...mental...material...selfish...emotional...just a list of wants and needs...
  • a hug every day
  • to get back my passion for painting/creating/photography
  • money for bills
  • a new spatula
  • a vacation somewhere warm
  • my back to stop hurting
  • a pedicure
  • a buddy (see "My Buddy" @
  • to find my passion for life
  • to see my best friend before another years passes
  • a simple way to relieve some of this stress
  • love, happiness and success for my friends
  • a new space heater (it being 57 degrees in my apartment when I come home from work is not cool)
  • a massage
  • someone to come home to occasionally
  • a larger apartment
  • a space of my own to create
  • cleaning service for a day to deep clean my apartment
  • longer hair
  • well stocked cabinets and fridge (preferably healthy stuff)
  • more time to spend with friends enjoying life without worries
  • a folding breakfast tray
  • good sex
  • for this cold/cough to go away
  • a free dentist appointment
  • to not have to worry if I'll have enough to pay rent/bills
  • less clutter in my apartment (for which I think is a huge reflection of my life)
  • success with school
  • to figure out where I want to go in life (at least in the short term)
  • to win the lottery or a contest
  • a house
  • a job that I love (and pays the bills)
  • my dad living in the US instead of Germany
  • affection

I'm sure there's more...but this is what I got at the moment.

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