Sunday, December 10, 2006

You've Got to be Kidding Me

I met this guy (no not you Teej just in case you come through and read this) tonight on a dating site and we were having a decent little conversation and getting to know each other when he said he wanted me to commit to talking to ONLY him.  He did not want to share me with ANYONE.  He said he would NOT share me with anyone.  I proceeded to tell him that that wasn't his decision to make and that I couldn't commit because well 1) he lived in NC and 2) I could meet someone equally as intriguing tomorrow as could he.  He said talk to you next lifetime and I wish him luck in finding what he was looking for.  And hopefully I don't run into him next lifetime and if I do...I will quickly turn around bolt in the other direction.

I mean seriously...commitment online after only chatting for less than an hour?  Really?  Most days I can't even commit to what I'm going to wear to work or eat for dinner.  Sheesh this dating thing...even online is hard.

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