Monday, January 8, 2007

I'm so laidback I'm vertical.

I need to start carrying a can of pepper spray when I get off of work at night.
I can't stop thinking about him. I hope he'll be back soon like he said.
A backshot...really??? Speechless.
That asshat called this morning about stopping through for a quickie. Like that was gonna happen.
Am I longing for sex...yes. With him...NO!!!
Why am I doing the chasing? *takes off running shoes*
Dryer door popped open today while I was standing near it...I heard it open...why did I still almost smash my face into it.
Can't let his words hurt me. My feelings ARE valid.
It's sabotage on my part. I do it ALL the time.
I'm trying to change.
I need to get out of Indiana. Even if only for a day or two.
Am I putting too much of myself out there?
Dude, I need to get my eyebrows did.
A blanket of snow would be beautiful right now.
Some days I feel like I can barely breath.
I need a hug...daily.
I feel so alone.
I complain about being alone a lot.
Just waiting for happy after.
I want some banana chips.
Why is it easier for me to meet men online?
I love cold green beans right out the can with some salt and pepper. Yes I said cold...and cold as in I let them sit in the fridge.
D called today. It's always good to hear from him.
He tried to seduce me with his French. *laughs* It's hilarious when his voice changes to the sexy voice.
I really need to get down to Cincy to see him before he graduates.
I *heart* phone sex.
I dreamed I was having an anxiety attack. It was NOT cool.
Slept right through my on call this morning. Oops.
They didn't call so I guess I'm okay.
To do today: Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom, Painting. That should be easy.
I think the dating window for N and I has closed and all we'll ever be is friends.
I'm happy for him that he's enjoying his new job.
What idiot decided it was a good idea to paint the over the tiles in my bathroom?
"I'm so laidback I'm vertical." I was completely sober when I said that.
Ugh nasty cigarette smell. Gross.
Stupid hotmail, show me my freakin' messages.
I hate when I rent movies I've already watched. Some days I feel like I should start keeping a database of them all so I don't waste the time and money.
I really should just stop answering the phone when he calls.
"The hardest thing is loving someone and then having the courage to let them love you back." -The Wedding Date
I can't remember the last time I REALLY kissed someone. My brain is saying October???
"...I want you to want me...I need you to need me...I'd love you to love me...I'm beggin you to beg me..."
Today was a semi-productive day. Lots of laying in bed, but still productive.

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