Sunday, April 29, 2007

And You Thought You Knew Me

Because I'm sure you wanted to get to know me more. Randomness about me:

When I was a wee tyke I thought my dad was black. I wonder if there is any correlation to that and my attraction to black men.

Even though I don't think I could ever do it, I wonder what it's like to shoot someone or something (living something). I say I don't think because I could one day be put in a situation where it's me or them.

There are large chunks of my adult life that I can't remember. It's kind of scary.

Some days I wonder what it would've been like to have grown up in one place as opposed to the many places.

I can't stand to be called Missy. It goes back to when I was in grade school. There was a girl in my class named Missy and she had ringworm. That's what I associate that name with. *shudder*

I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 19. He was 17 and still in high school.

I suffer from Asian Blush. Sometimes all it takes is half a drink and I'm good for a couple of hours.

I don't like escalators, but think the moving walk ways in airports are pretty darn nifty.

I've been told I have a bit of a southern accent, yet I've never really lived in the south...unless you count Hawaii our southern most state (okay so I did live in GA and FL for a few months...but not long enough to pick up an accent).

I have a cousin I call Tit Tit (short for Christy I think, I can't remember her actual name). We saw nothing wrong with that as kids, even my parents called her that.

I ALWAYS where my glasses in the shower. I've mistaken the conditioner for body wash without them. I will also wear my glasses while sitting in the pool. I can't help it.

I'm not a fan of cooked fruit. Especially in pies. The texture of the fruit is changed and it's just not right.

I like to eat canned green beans cold right out of the can with a little bit of salt and pepper. You can almost always find an unopened can of green beans in my fridge waiting to be eaten as a quick snack.

It's easier for me to meet people online than it is in person.

I used to wear a size 1...when I was middle school.

My bed has to be positioned so that I can see the the door. I also won't position the bed underneath a window. When I was little I though The Count from Sesame Street was going to climb in my window and get me.

Sometimes I still think there are monsters under the bed and will jump in bed and have to make sure none of my limbs are sticking out.

When I was little I wanted to be a carpenter when I grew up because I heard that was where the money was at. I still want to build houses and furniture and will hopefully be able to do that one day.

I don't like people, yet I work retail.

I'm very jumpy and don't like people randomly touching me. I know it has to do with an incident that happened when I was a kid.

I think a handful of things about me can be connected to the incident from my childhood.

I act like a jerkface, but I'm nicer than you'd expect.

I have a hard time being affectionate towards my female friends as opposed to my male friends (hugging, linking arms, etc.) and am sometimes a little envious of girls who can be affectionate with each other.

I was 20 the first time I held a baby. He was 10 days old. I still find it awkward to hold babies and can't imagine what it'd be like to be a mother. But I'm looking forward to finding out...even though I front about it.

I liked Hello Kitty more before she sold out.

I had uni-boob up until 10th grade because I refused to wear anything other than a sports bra.

I know getting my driver's license would open up a lot of doors for me and give me a lot more freedom and independance, yet here I am at 27 empty handed. I"m definitely okay with not having a car payment, insurance payment and not having to worry about gas prices though.

I was a substitute teacher for the kids I was taking classes with the year before. And by accepting the job as substitute teacher I was made to take the oath soldiers take when joining the military.

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