Sunday, April 15, 2007

Small steps.

Upstairs neighbor's car lights are on...I SHOULD go up there and tell her...but that'd be too much like right.

Her list is making ME cry.

I just want to be loved.

"...I'm spoiled...By your love boy...No matter how I try to change my mind...What's the point it's just a waste of time..." Spoiled/Joss Stone

Resume has been updated AND I've even applied for a job.

Small steps.


I should inform Boss Lady No. 1 that I am indeed looking for a full time day job so she'll get on it and start looking for someone who can work my shift. It's been months and still there is no one to cover for me if I ever get sick. [I did, she seemed okay with it.]


I do a whole lot of nothing when I'm at home these days. Very UNproductive.

I've been home for five hours and I STILL have my jacket on. I did succeed in unzipping it...just haven't worked up to actually taking it off.

My teeth hurt.

And I'm thirsty.

"...I've been searching for you...I heard a cry within my soul...I never had a yearning quite like this before...Now that you are walking right through my door...All of my life...Where have you been...I wonder if I'll ever see you again...And if that day comes...I know we could win...I wonder if I'll ever see you again..." Again/Lenny Kravitz

He wants to what??? That'd be something new.

I AM silly. I can't help it.

Mmmm...Nick hugs are great.

I love lazy days off. I will be productive today. I just need a list; they usually help.

More than anything in the world I just want to be happy. I want many many many more good days than blah-I-just-wanna-lay-in-bed-and-for-the-world-to-go-away days.

It'd be nice if it was sunny more often too, like today.

I'd like these:

A small part of me thinks TI is hot. And makes me wanna check out a Chevy. That's good marketing.

I have the worst luck with stepping on/sitting in gum. ARGH!!!

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with friends and new people = mucho fun...and I got to meet a nicely built stripper. Mmm mmm mmm.

It's snowing and the middle of April. How effed up is that?

"Shaat aaaaaaaaaaaap!!!"

Some a**holes car alarm has been going off since 2AM. WTF???

Apartment is cleaner. Feels good.

Had a photo shoot today with someone I've never met. I'm so very awkward around people that I don't know. If I want to make a career out of this I'm REALLY going to have to learn to become more comfortable with people.

I never know what to say.

The sun is out. I'm glad.

My back is out...again. Ugh. Please do not let this be as bad as last time. I can still walk and sit a little bit...but it's killing me. And no, it didn't happen because someone put it on me. I've had back issues since I was in high school.

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