Thursday, April 19, 2007

So indecisive...I swear it's genetic.

A super short list...

I'm only a little envious that everyone is getting all tatted up.

I can't even decide what is exactly I want for my half sleeve.

I also want to get a new piercing.

What should be first...piercing or tat?

The real question should be: who wants to shell out the money to help fund these body alterations.

I also can't decide what to do about my hair this summer. Keep it black and color my bangs platinum (silver not blonde) or go back to that lovely red brown I had last summer.

So indecisive...I swear it's genetic.

I've been informed that I think/talk about sex entirely too much. Like a man even.


"You were looking sexy today." Why thank you. I needed that.

Of course that comment only made me think about sex even more. looks like the sun might be coming out. Woo hoo!!!

Okay I must go get ready for work...I don't wanna go.

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